Time spent in Chandigarh

Hey All!! Long time huh… How are you? How was your week? Mine was pretty hectic and still going on. You know how hot the weather is right now…seriously killing!! I am really missing winters it was far better than this. It was pretty cold though still better than burning out. I went to Chandigarh once in winters. I don’t know how many of you … Continue reading Time spent in Chandigarh

Get up, pack your bags and go for that Solo Trip

Hey All, Today’s post is for all the lovely ladies. I don’t know if you ever went for a solo trip? If yes then kisses from my side😘😘. I know most of us are scared if it’s safe or not but trust me if you plan your trip you should be prepared with pros and cons. And talking about the cons you should definitely pack … Continue reading Get up, pack your bags and go for that Solo Trip

Happy Sunday!!

Hey All, Happy Vishu Everyone!! Those who don’t know, Vishu is a new year Hindu festival celebrated in Kerala. According to Malayali tradition it is the first solar month. It is a family tradition, mom dresses up Lord Krishna with beautiful clothes, decorates the space with flowers and fruits. Best part is mother blindfolds and wakes up each family member one by one then walks … Continue reading Happy Sunday!!

Memories are the leftovers of our life

Hey all!! How is your weekend going on? The most fun part of our lives starts with that. Isn’t it? Anyways today my post is all about love. Now don’t drool over to look for a guy’s picture. Love can happen with anything u may love someone 😍 or your pet, phone, bike, it could be anything. I found my first love in a bike, … Continue reading Memories are the leftovers of our life

Sky is the canvas and clouds were the paintings

You are walking down the road, Feeling bored with same monotonous life… Sometimes you look around and sometimes you look above, That’s when you see nature’s true colours… Hoping to find God you look at those drawings, And you say to yourself… Cheers to this life!! 😊😊😊 Today I will be sharing some pictures of clouds. These pictures were taken at different places and it … Continue reading Sky is the canvas and clouds were the paintings

Wake up early and feel the Morning Bliss

Hiieee!!! Feeling good 😊 because today I will be sharing some clicks from morning. Many of us enjoy sunset on the beach but did you ever wake up early? Early enough to watch the sunrise, if not trust me it’s damn pretty. I use to work in night shifts and the only time I could watch sunrise was on Sundays. Sunrise for sundays😝 I went … Continue reading Wake up early and feel the Morning Bliss

A weekend getaway in Shimla

Hello buddies, How was your Monday? The weather is having some mood swings… hot, windy, rainy… and hotπŸ˜› which reminds me of the trip to Shimla. So this was my first time in Shimla with 5 of my friends. I must say the experience was overall good and one advice whenever you are planning for an adventure trip make sure you book hotel in advance … Continue reading A weekend getaway in Shimla